Wattpad Rebrand

At Wattpad, our vision is to entertain and connect the world through our stories. To be able to better embody this vision, you might see some exciting changes across the platform.

We’re really delighted to be sharing our new brand with our community! By evolving our brand identity, we want to better reflect the diversity of Wattpadders across the globe and our commitment to you.

You might have some questions, so here’s some answers!

When is the rebrand happening?

These changes will begin rolling out across iOS and Android starting on February 6, 2019.

Web changes will begin rolling out in March 2019.

What is changing?

  • You might notice a new logo! It conveys moving forward and a handwritten feel that’s a nod to the community that makes Wattpad the place where stories live.
  • Colour changes across the platform. Our user interface is now white and accentuated with a vibrant orange to better showcase all of your stories.
  • We’re changing our tagline from “Stories you’ll love” to “Where stories live”. As a global platform with over 500M story uploads, we’ve always prided ourselves as a place to find great stories. But it wasn’t representative of what sets Wattpad apart: our community. Our new brand promise of “Where stories live” is declarative and inclusive, meant to represent the breadth and depth of voices, stories, and diversity in our community.

What hasn’t changed?

  • Everything else! Wattpad will still function the same way, and you can continue to upload, read, and connect over stories as you would usually. We’re still committed to being the place for hundreds of millions of free stories, where writers can share their unique voices and readers can connect to stories that reflect their diverse interest. Wattpad will still be the place you call home, we’re just redecorating.

You can also learn more about why we made these changes by checking out our Brand Hub

We believe in the freedom to express your unique voice and share your story. Giving your story a home and not just a platform or a bit of shelf space. If you’re a writer, Wattpad is the home for your story. If you’re a reader, Wattpad is where you will find them. And we hope you’ll continue to embark on this journey with us!

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