Unable to Find Comment in Notifications Feed or in a Thread

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Have you been getting push comment notifications but when you look for the comment in your story you can't find it and it's not in your feed? 

The comments you are trying to open are from a spam account trying to inform you that you've won a free Premium subscription. Our Developers are aware and are working on a technical solution to prevent any further of these spam comments.

You may find that when you click on the notification it does not lead you to the linked comment, and this is because the comment has already been removed by our system. We really apologize for any confusion and inconvenience caused by this.

Unfortunately, you may still get a few push notifications as these accounts are being duplicated, however se should have the situation resolved soon.

The comment looks something like this:

You have won WattPad™ Premium Access'The messages

 Our team is working hard to resolve this issue and we really appreciate your cooperation.

We hope this helps!

The Wattpad team

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