Wattpad Next Beta Extending

Hey Wattpadders!

Community Support here with some exciting news about the Wattpad Next Beta!

We launched the Wattpad Next beta program in October 2018 to start enabling readers to monetarily support writers on Wattpad. The program originally launched as a 3 month test to understand if readers would pay to support Wattpad writers. Wattpadders have been requesting a way to do this for years, and results of the beta program have shown this is important to our community.

The learning experience through the program has been tremendous. With millions of coins purchased and Wattpad writers in the program discovering a possible career in writing it’s become apparent that we have much to discover. As a result, we will be extending the program in 2019.

We are always iterating on Wattpad features to create the best experience for our community, and will continue to make updates to the program. We are committed to making the Wattpad Next Beta a seamless experience for our readers and writers.

While we are extending the program we want to make it clear; something that will never change is access to free stories on Wattpad. We know that many readers value free reading, and there will always be millions of great stories to read without charge.

Your feedback has be immensely helpful as we navigate this new and exciting territory. If you have any feedback for us you can submit a feature feedback ticket here.

Thank you all again!


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