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'User not found' page

'User not found' for your own account

If you're trying to log in and you are seeing a 'User not found' message, there are several options you can try:

  • Try logging in with your email instead of username, or username instead of email
  • Make sure you're spelling your username correctly
  • If you have a Gmail address with a dot in it, try removing the dot (e.g., '' becomes '') For more information, please see this article: Unable to log in with Gmail address.
  • Try the troubleshooting listed here for the app and here for the website

If none of this solves the issue, there can be several reasons you still can't find the account:

  • You've closed the account. Please see Reopening/Reactivating your account
  • The username is incorrect. Try to think if your username was changed, and try logging in with a different username
  • The account has been removed

'User not found' when searching for an account

If you're looking at another Wattpadder's profile and are getting a User Not Found message, this could be because:

  • The user's account is closed 
  • The username is incorrect and doesn't belong to a Wattpad account 
  • The user might have muted you. You can learn more about muting in the article Mute or Unmute a User
  • The user might have blocked you. You can learn more about blocking in the article Blocking a user

An image of the 'User not found' page.

If you're seeing this screen, we recommend double-checking the username to make sure you're looking for the right user. 


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