Removal of the Activity Feed

Hi Wattpadders!

Are you confused about your activity feed?

We’re currently working different ways of creating safer spaces for readers and writers on Wattpad, and this includes removing the Activity Feed. The Activity Feed currently displays all your activities on Wattpad - from the profiles you follow to stories you vote and comment on.

While this information can be useful, we’ve learned that this feed has, in some ways, become a barrier for many Wattpadders to fully immerse themselves in the Wattpad experience. Given that the feed is publicly accessible by anyone on Wattpad, we’ve received a lot of feedback around Wattpadders not feeling comfortable engaging with the stories and authors that they love due to a fear of being judged or exposed.

Wattpad strives to be an inclusive space - and part of this means creating safe spaces where everyone can be their authentic selves. The removal of the Activity Feed is one of the few changes we’ve made to help us find the balance between providing Wattpadders with useful information while still allowing them to feel safe and secure on our platform.

If you still want to keep up to date with your favourite authors, we recommend following them as their activity will still appear in your Newsfeed! If you’re looking to keep track of stories you’ve read, your library, archive, and reading lists can help you keep those organized.

Thank you for your understanding in our efforts to make Wattpad a safe space for everyone!

All the best, 

Your Wattpad Team

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