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How to appeal a flagged image

All media uploaded to Wattpad has to follow our Content Guidelines to make sure that our community is a safe and positive environment. To help ensure we keep our platform safe, our image moderation process uses a combination of technology and human moderation, and the scaling of our platform means we must further rely on technology to fulfill this goal. 

We notify you if your image gets flagged with the following indicator Banned_Content_Indicator.png on your story and a private message from Wattpad that will be sent to your inbox. If you believe that your image doesn't violate our Content Guidelines, please appeal the flag to help our machines learn and evolve to better serve you, our community! Once you submit an appeal, your image will be reviewed by a trained human moderator. 

How to appeal a flagged image

  1. Click on the link that will be sent to you via private message when your image is flagged. 
  2. Provide as much detail as possible in the form, including the reason why you think the image was incorrectly flagged. 
  3. Click Submit. You will then receive a confirmation message in your private messages that your appeal has been submitted. 

Note: You can only appeal once per image, and you can only appeal one image at a time. 

What happens after I appeal an image?

Your appeal will be sent to a trained human moderator to review. Once the moderator has reviewed your appeal, they will decide whether your image is safe or unsafe. This will determine what will happen to your image as described below:

  • Your image is safe. You will receive a private message that your image was incorrectly flagged and we will remove the indicator from the image. Readers will once again be able to see your image. 
  • Your image is unsafe. You will receive a private message that your image does not follow our Content Guidelines and the image will remain flagged and hidden from the reader's view. 

In both instances, once your appeal has been reviewed, you will receive a private message from us with the result of your appeal. Please note that if you remove the image from the story before the appeal process is complete, this will cancel your appeal. 

Thank you for helping us keep Wattpad safe.

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