New Library/Offline feature

Hi Wattpadders!

We’re excited to update you about the launch of a new Library experience.

The new Library experience enables users to:

  • Choose which stories they wish to store to their device for offline reading
  • Add and remove stories from their offline list directly from the Library 
  • View their offline limit and whether a story is available offline or online

Now, users can dive into their favorite Wattpad reads without worrying about internet connectivity or its associated charges as it helps users manage their device storage, by preventing the app from automatically saving all the stories in their Library on to their device. By giving users control over which stories they want to store for offline reading, we hope to create a more efficient Library management experience, while optimizing performance. 

Note that Paid Stories in users’ Libraries do not count towards the offline limit. 

The new Library experience / Offline feature will be slowly rolling out to all Wattpadders, and over the course of the coming weeks, each one of you will eventually see this update. This new experience was designed and built for you—the members of our diverse, creative, and passionate community—and we can’t wait for you to explore it for yourselves.


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