Unable to Open Reset Password Link on Mobile Web

Hi Wattpaders!

We're currently aware of an issue with password reset emails, where opening up the password reset link on mobile web will bring you to a blank Wattpad page. 

While our team is currently working on resolving this, please try opening up these password reset links on desktop web, and you should be able to reset your password from there. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we solve the issue. 😊 

And if you're having trouble opening up the link on desktop web or don't have access, please submit a ticket and we'll work together to get you logged back into your account and reading/writing again on Wattpad as soon as possible! 


Your Wattpad Support Team 

Update: This issue has now been solved, and reset links are behaving normally

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    Hey Wattpadders!

    This issue has now been resolved, and email password reset links are working normally on mobile! If you are still experiencing this issue, please  reach out to us at Watt pad Support.

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