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Story Insights Report

We've come up with a new tool that will help you simplify your editing process and enable you to improve the quality and success of your storytelling. Wattpad Story Insights Report is designed to empower you to hone your craft and take your story to the next level. 

Right now, you can purchase the report only in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and The Philippines. 

What's the Story Insights Report and how is it generated? 

The Story Insights Report is a paid report generated using a machine-learning algorithm, unique to Wattpad. It evaluates your story against Watty Award-winning stories, Paid Stories and Wattpad Books, to rate your Writing Complexity and Reading Accessibility. It also scours over your story to highlight Reading Time, Sentence Length, Adverb Usage and word Repetition by part, while giving you benchmarks for each of these metrics.

How can I purchase a Story Insight Report? 

The Story Insights Report can be purchased only through the website. To do that, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Write at the top right corner of the homepage.
  2. Click on My Stories.
  3. Find the story you want to get a Story Insight Report and click on Stats.
  4. Click on the Story Insights tab.
  5. Click on Get report or Get new report (if a report has been previously purchased).

Your report will be ready within 24-48 hours and we'll drop it into your Wattpad Inbox to let you know.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for a report to be effectively generated in my story?

To maximize the effectiveness of the Story Insights tool, your story must be written in the English language and published on Wattpad. Poems and poetry follow a different set of rules for writing and therefore aren't currently eligible for the Story Insights Report.

Please also note the following recommendations:

  • While having a Completed story is not a requirement, the minimum length of your story should be around 3,000 words.
  • The tool only takes published parts into account. Any parts you wish to have reviewed should be published on Wattpad, and not in your drafts until the time you have received your Report.
  • You should ideally only include published parts that you consider completed, excluding content such as author’s notes, cast and character descriptions, playlist recommendations, etc. for the purposes of the Report.
How often can I purchase the Story Insights Report?

You can purchase one Story Insights Report for one story in a single order. If you wish to purchase the report for multiple stories, you will need to place a separate order for each report. We recommend re-ordering the report on the same story once you have made significant edits or additions to your story or incorporated the feedback from your previous report in order to see your score improve over time.

Is the report customized for the genre of my story?

The machine-learning algorithm, which forms the basis of the Story Insights Report, has been designed for all possible genres other than Poetry, no matter how niche they might be. It is also important to note that the Story Insights tool compares your story to multiple levels of writing, including but not limited to Watty Award-winning stories, Paid Stories, and Wattpad Books, in order to present highly objective insights that can help simplify your editing process and uncover the potential of your story.

How often is it recommended to run the report to improve my writing?

We recommend running the report each time you make significant edits to your story. This may include writing new parts, editing the writing style, or incorporating the feedback shared in your previous Story Insights Report. Running the report with a repeated frequency after making major edits will allow you to compare your progress over time, bring focus to areas of improvement and help you develop overall as a writer.

Does the Story Insights Report check for spelling and grammar?

The Story Insights Report does not check spelling and grammar for you. It focuses on more unique metrics that are not available within common word processing tools.

How is machine learning better than a human editor checking my story?
Using a machine-learning algorithm, in the form of the Wattpad Story Insights tool, to assess your writing has three main advantages over a human editor:

  • The algorithm provides objective feedback by comparing your story to thousands of published stories across genres and at all levels, whether they are renowned published works, Watty Award-winning stories, Paid Stories or Wattpad Books, to name a few.
  • The feedback received is entirely confidential, and not shared with anyone other than the writer. This is great for writers who do not feel comfortable sharing their story with friends and family, or with a professional editor, to get feedback.
  • Machine-learning enables us to provide you with feedback in a far more cost-effective way than if you were to hire a professional editor to help you improve your story. We know you already have the potential for success. Let us help you take your writing to the next level.

Is there a limit on how many times I can run the report?
There is no limit on the number of times you can purchase the report on a single story.

How long does it take for the Story Insights report to be generated?
It takes 24-48 hours for the Story Insights Report to be generated. We will notify you in your Wattpad Inbox once your report is available.

Does a low score mean I am a bad writer?
A low score should not be directly inferred as an indication that you are a good or bad writer. For example, if you are intentionally writing for a younger audience, your writing style may have a lower score due to a lack of complexity in sentence structure and vocabulary - which is perfectly acceptable if you feel this is the most appropriate style for your intended audience.

Is my report confidential?
Yes, your report is completely confidential and will not be accessible to anyone else on Wattpad.

Is my score going to be visible to anyone else on my profile?
No. Your score is completely confidential and only visible to you once you are securely logged in to your account.

What is the benefit of running the report on multiple stories?
Each story you write is likely unique in terms of its composition, intended audience, genre, plot complexity, and writing style. The report you receive on one story cannot necessarily be generalized as feedback for other stories you have written, as it is highly specific to the content of a single story.

If you wish to improve multiple stories, we recommend running the report on each story to get customized feedback. Whether you purchase one or multiple reports on one or multiple stories, the feedback you receive will help you view your craft from a fresh perspective, and improve your writing habits over time.

What is Wattpad’s refund policy for the Story Insights Report?
We do not offer refunds for purchases of the Story Insights Report. Before making your purchase, we recommend that you:

  • View the sample report so you have a clear understanding of the type of insights you will receive on your story
  • Choose a published story, written in the English language and comprising a minimum of 3,000 words.






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