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Story Insights Report

The Story Insights Report was a paid report generated using a machine-learning algorithm, unique to Wattpad, and provided a number of metrics and benchmarks to help writers improve their stories. We know that understanding the right data to help your Wattpad story be successful is important for writers on Wattpad, and so we want to make sure that we're equipping our writers with the best tools to set them up for success. 


On November 4th, 2021 we removed Story Insights Reports to allow us to invest in new tools that will provide writers with the best statistics, data, and insights to make sure that at every point in their writing journey, they're able to access all the information they need.  


Until early January, anyone who purchased a Story Insights report will still have access to their report to download if they'd like. In the meantime, we still have the Writer Analytics tool that provides a lot of great insights into how your story is performing, including unique reads, percentage of completed reads by part, and where your readers are coming from geographically.


Stay tuned for a new story analytics tool coming your way in 2022! 🎉

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