Wattpad Premium and How to Subscribe

Whether you’re a free Wattpad user or a Premium user, we will always connect you to the stories you love and can’t find anywhere else.

Wattpad Premium is an enhanced, subscription-based version of Wattpad. It’s the same Wattpad you know and love, supercharged. Premium subscribers receive:

  • An uninterrupted, ad-free experience
  • Bonus Coins with every Coin package purchase
  • Customized Wattpad themes

How to upgrade to Premium 

Step 1: Open the Wattpad app on your device.
Step 2: From the Home screen select. 'Try Premium' or go to your Settings and click on Subscriptions
Step 3: Select the package (monthly or yearly) that’s right for you.
Step 4: Confirm your purchase. You’ve now got Premium across all your devices.

For now, you can only subscribe to Wattpad Premium via the App Store if you are an iOS user* or Google Play if you are an Android user*. Unfortunately, Premium is not yet available via Web. 

*Users in some countries may not download paid apps. Attempts to make in-app purchases will fail.

If you’re having trouble after attempting these, you can click on ‘Fix a problem / Contact us’ at the button of this page to submit a ticket.

To learn more about Premium, please head over here.



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