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With Premium+, you can unlock Wattpad Originals of your choice from an extensive collection of well-crafted, serialized stories that represent your diverse range of voices, genres, and styles.

You can unlock 2 Wattpad Originals/month with a monthly plan, 12 Wattpad Originals with a 6-month plan, and 24 Wattpad Originals/year with an annual plan. Wattpad Originals are currently available in English, Filipino, French, Spanish, German, and Indonesian. Plus, you get all the features of a Premium subscription, including an uninterrupted, ad-free experience, unlimited offline reading, bonus Coins on every Coin pack purchase and theme colors to customize Wattpad your way.

Upgrading or changing your subscription 

If you are a Premium subscriber already and are looking to upgrade to Premium+ or change your current subscription keep in mind that upgrades are currently not available for these instances:  

  • From a discounted/special offer plan to Premium+

  • To go from a yearly Premium subscription to a Premium+ yearly subscription.

  • To go from a monthly Premium+ subscription to a yearly Premium subscription. ​

If this is not your case, select your device for more information: 

On iOS

If you are already a Premium user and wish to upgrade to a Premium+ subscription or change your current subscription, please follow the steps below: 

Tap the “New offer” button at the top of your Home screen in the Wattpad app.

Choose from the plans available for upgrade.
You will be asked to confirm your transaction and can then return to Wattpad as a Premium+ subscriber. You may receive a refund of the prorated amount of your Premium subscription*  

*Refund eligibility might vary by country or region. See the Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions for details. 


On Android

To upgrade to a Premium+ subscription on your Android device

Tap the “New offer” button at the top of your Home screen in the Wattpad app. 

You can choose from the plans available to upgrade.

You will be asked to confirm your transaction and can then return to Wattpad as a Premium+ subscriber. Your subscription will be upgraded immediately, and the price difference between the new and old subscriptions will be charged to your preferred payment method when the subscription renews. The billing cycle remains the same.

For more information, please visit our FAQ below: 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t use my quota of Wattpad Originals within my subscription period?

Unlocks expire at the end of your subscription period and are reset on the date your subscription renews. For example, with a monthly plan, if you have only unlocked 1 of the 2 Wattpad Originals in a month, your quota will reset to 2 Wattpad Originals next month, and not 3 Wattpad Originals. To make the most of your subscription, we recommend using all your unlocks. Once unlocked, your selected Wattpad Originals will be available in your Library to read at your own pace

Can I change my plan from Premium+ to Premium (downgrade)? 

iOS: Visit your iTunes account via your device settings, cancel your current Premium+ subscription and then select either a monthly or annual subscription of Wattpad Premium from the subscriptions available on the list. You will be asked to confirm your transaction and can then return to Wattpad. The next time your subscription renews, you will pay the lower price of Wattpad Premium.

Android: Open the Google Play store, sign in to your Google account, and tap the menu. Click on Subscriptions, select your Premium+ subscription, and tap Cancel. Once cancelled, you can choose the Premium subscription and return to the Wattpad app. You will continue to have access to your Premium+ subscription until your next billing date when you will begin your Premium subscription and pay the lower price of Premium.

When do my unlocks renew?
Your access to your unlocks renews on the same date your subscription renews. For example, if you subscribed to Premium+ on 15th April, you can access your next batch of unlocks on 15th May. You can check your renewal date from your App Store account or Google Play account. Please note: Unused Premium+ unlocks do not carry over.

How does my subscription support writers?
When you unlock a Wattpad Original with Premium+, we give a portion to the writer as per our contractual agreements.

Can I still use Coins to unlock Wattpad Originals?
Yes, you can still unlock Wattpad Originals with Coins.

Do I still get bonus Coins with my Premium+ subscription?
Yes, Premium+ subscribers get up to 66% more Coins whenever they purchase a Coin pack on Wattpad. 

I already have Coins in my wallet. Will they get confiscated if I subscribe to Premium+?
No, any coins in your wallet will remain yours to spend on any other Wattpad Originals of your choosing. You can always choose whether you wish to unlock a Wattpad Original with Coins or with your Premium+ subscription.

Can I unlock both completed and ongoing stories?
Yes, you can unlock both completed and ongoing Wattpad Originals with your Premium+ subscription. The story you have chosen to unlock will also be made available for offline reading. 

Is it possible for me to lose access to a Wattpad Original I have unlocked?
You can keep all the Wattpad Originals you have unlocked to read and re-read as you wish, as long as they remain a part of the Wattpad Originals. Your access to the story may be revoked if the story is removed from the Wattpad Originals program at the discretion of the writer and/or Wattpad.

I did not like the Wattpad Originals I unlocked with my subscription. Can I swap it with another story?
No. It is not possible to swap one unlocked story with another. 

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