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The feature you’ve been asking for is finally here for all Wattpadders. Dark Mode minimizes the luminance emitted by your device screen, and in turn, reduces eye strain, especially while you’re using Wattpad in dark environments. Now, you can read comfortably to your heart’s desire whatever the time of day or night, plus get the extra advantage of saving battery power when you can’t put down those edge-of-your-seat chapters. 

If you have an iOS or Android device, once you have updated your app to version 8.64, Wattpad will follow your device’s dark or light setting. If you already have Dark Mode enabled on your device, Wattpad will also have Dark Mode enabled when you launch the app.

Select a platform for more details:

On iOS

Dark Mode is only supported on devices using iOS13 or later.

To switch between Dark Mode and Light Mode:

  1. Visit the Settings menu on your device.
  2. Go to Display and brightness 
  3. Select 'Dark' and go back to the Wattpad app.


On Android

    1. To manually change modes within the Wattpad app:

      1. Go to Settings propercog.png from your profile.
      2. Select “Dark Mode” in the menu, and choose to turn it on, off, or automatically mirror your device settings.

On Web

Dark Mode is currently only available on the Android and iOS app, and not on the desktop or mobile web version of Wattpad.

You can set the mode of your Reader independently of your app settings. To change how your Reader is displayed, please check: Reading Settings

If you’re having trouble changing your settings to dark mode, click on 'Fix a problem / Contact us' at the button of this page to submit a ticket. 


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