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Troubleshooting your Premium subscription (My subscription is not working)

Restore your subscription 

If you have an active subscription and see ads, can't change themes, or can't use any of your Premium benefits, please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign out and back into your account 
  2. If you're still not Premium, click on Try Premium on the homepage 
  3. Scroll down and click on Restore my subscription
  4. Sign out and back in 
  5. Alternatively, reinstall the app.

Can't restore subscription 

If you attempted to restore the subscription and are getting an error code or can't use your Premium subscription, please make sure to check if you're signed to the same Wattpad account you subscribed to and try to restore the subscription again

If you continue to have issues, please submit a Support request to us. You can submit a request by clicking ‘Fix a problem / Contact us’ to the right of or below this article. Make sure to include a screenshot or screen recording of what you see on your end to help us better understand the problem. 

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