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Audio Stories FAQ

What is this?

On a few select stories, an audio player is now available for users to listen to the story! Using the latest text-to-speech technology, we have made these stories available in audio to make them accessible for more users. This is available as a time-limited test and subject to change.


What is the purpose of this?

We all love reading here at Wattpad but realize that it is not an option for everyone that wants to enjoy these stories. For those with visual impairment or difficulty reading, reading may not be an option. By making stories available in audio, it makes this accessible for more people to enjoy the stories at their own convenience in the way they choose.


What stories are part of this?

Stories have been selected based on the type of story and their readership. For these stories, you will see an audio player at the top of each chapter on the web, where you can start the audio by pressing the "Play" button.


How can I give feedback?

We would love to hear from you! After listening to the audio story, let us know what you think by clicking the "feedback" link below the player. Your feedback will help us create the right experience for readers and writers.


Can the audio player be added to my story?

This new feature is currently being tested and is not available for all stories. Please watch for more updates in the future.

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