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Introducing Reactions

Hey Wattpadders,

Wattpad introduced Memories feature in September. Connecting over stories is one of the things that makes reading on Wattpad special.

When introducing a new feature part of the process is understanding how our community engages with the feature and making updates to create a better experience. We updated the name of Memories to reactions to make it easier for Wattpadders to understand how the feature works.

The goal of Reactions is for readers to have another way to express their feelings and connect over the stories they are reading. We believe the new name makes this clear.

In the same way you add a comment to stories, to share a reaction you can select a part that stands out to you and express your emotions by selecting a sticker that reflects how you feel. Other readers will see the Reactions other readers selected when they click on the part as they are reading.

You can go back to your favorite part and read through your saved Reaction highlights in the Reactions tab in your library. Reactions are currently available on the iOS app. 

Please visit our FAQ page for more details about Reacitons.

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