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Reactions FAQ

Reactions are a way to share your feelings on a story part using stickers. The goal of Reactions is for readers to have another way to connect over the stories they are reading. Select a sticker that captures how a story part made you feel. Other readers will see your Reaction and can express their own.

How do I post a Reaction?

To React click on a story part in the same way you would add a comment. Tap on “React” within the comment bar. Next, select the sticker that expresses how you feel about the story part.

Are more Reaction stickers going to be added?

We’re currently exploring how our community interacts with Reactions. We do plan to add more stickers if we see demand from readers.

Can I use Reactions everywhere I use Wattpad?

Reactions are currently only available on the Wattpad iOS app and Android app. Right now, we're unable to provide a timeline as to when Reactions will be added to Wattpad web. 

What changes are happening to Reactions? / Where can I find my Reaction highlights? 

There are no changes to how Reaction stickers work on Wattpad but we are removing the Reactions tab from the Library for some time as we explore a new way to create and manage bookmarks on Wattpad.

Why are you getting rid of the bookmarking feature? 

We want to ensure the best possible bookmarking experience for Wattpadders. To achieve this, we have decided to temporarily remove the Reactions tab from the Library as we work on new ways to support bookmarking on Wattpad.  

Why do I need to update my app to continue using Reactions? 

We have made some performance improvements to Reactions that require Wattpadders to update their app to version 9.33 or later in order to continue using the feature. 

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