The removal of the Newsfeed

We launched the Newsfeed with the goal of helping users discover new stories through their networks. While we acknowledge this has also been a useful form of connection for some of our community, Newsfeed is one of our least used features across all devices.

We have determined that with low-usage across all devices, the Newsfeed is no longer meeting its intended goal. As of September 30, 2020 the Newsfeed has been turned off and removed from the product.

Don’t worry, all announcements will continue to appear in your followers’ notifications, as well any story updates, as long as followers have your story in their libraries.

By removing under-utilized features, we free up resources for maintaining and improving the core features that provide the most value. We're also making investments in revitalizing Search to help users find the stories they'll love as well as focusing on developing features that reinforce the connection and belonging that makes Wattpad special.  

While the Newsfeed will no longer be a part of Wattpad, we look forward to sharing with you new and exciting changes that will support our community in ways that are useful, safe and user friendly.

Thank you,

The Wattpad Support Team

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