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Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) - FAQ

What is IDFA?

The Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) is the individual and random identifier used by Apple to identify and measure activity on iOS user devices. You can think of it as advertising cookies on the web—it enables an advertiser to know when a user has taken an action like clicking on their ad or installing their app. This helps customize the ads you see, as they will better reflect your interests.


What are the benefits of allowing Wattpad to access my IDFA?

By allowing Wattpad to access your IDFA, you’ll be increasing the likelihood of us showing you ads that are more relevant to your interests—not only will that be a better experience for you, but it'll also have a greater revenue impact for us!

As you know, running a community as big and diverse as Wattpad requires a lot of resources and technical infrastructure. Ads allow us to support ourselves and keep Wattpad free for everyone. 


Does allowing Wattpad to access my IDFA have any impact on how many ads I'll see?

No, there won't be any changes in ad frequency if you turn the IDFA on or off. 


What information is being tracked?

The IDFA can track app-related events, such as when you install the app, and whether you’ve interacted with a specific ad. 


Why is that necessary now?

While access to your IDFA has been the default mode on iOS until now, it will become optional after the release of iOS 14.


How do I opt-in to IDFA?

Once available in 2021, you can opt-in to IDFA by opening the Settings app, then looking for the Privacy menu, and then for the Tracking section. Please note, opting in is only valid on the device you opt-in on. So, if you opt-in on an iPhone, you would have to opt-in again on your iPad.

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