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Setting up your profile

Once you have created your account and verified your email, you can customize your profile page with a description, profile picture, and background picture. You can add a description to your profile to tell people more about yourself: genres you like, your hobbies, how long you have been writing, or anything else! Descriptions can be a maximum of 2000 characters in length. In order to post your description, your email must be verified. Read more about how to post your profile description in Editing your ‘About Me’.

Please refrain from adding links to your profile description. For safety reasons, any links that are added to your profile description will be automatically detected as spam. If you would like to guide your readers to your personal website or another relevant website, you can add an external link in the “Website” field of your account settings. 

Want to know how old your account is? Go to your profile and scroll to the bottom of your description to see when you joined Wattpad. You need to have a profile description to see your account age, so if you don't want the date you joined to be visible, you will have to remove your description.

Your account will start with one of our default profile pictures (cute kittens, anyone?). Wattpad allows you to change your profile picture and background image at any point as a way to personalize your profile and keep it fresh.

Before changing your pictures, please ensure the following:

  1. Wattpad has access to your photos if you are using the app. This can be verified in your device settings.  
  2. The file you upload is a .jpg or gif file and does not exceed 1MB.
  3. The file is the right size: approximately 512x512 pixels for profile pictures and approximately 1920x600 pixels for background images. 
  4. The image selected is not any restricted material. You can learn more about restricted material in our Content Guidelines.

To read more about how to change your profile picture and background image, and how to ensure Wattpad has access to your photos, see Changing Profile Picture and Changing Background Image

Finally, you can also change your language settings and add a location to your profile

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