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How to search on Wattpad

Ready to start reading? There are two easy ways to find stories on Wattpad, through your homepage or through the search bar.

Your Wattpad homepage features recommended stories by a variety of Wattpadders and curated stories based on events or trends. The homepage recommendations will change based on your reading habits. As a result, if you start reading different types of stories and more often, the stories that are recommended to you will change.

You can limit what types of stories you see on your homepage. Wattpadders 17 and over can include or exclude Mature stories, and all Wattpadders can block tags to exclude certain types of stories from appearing as recommendations in your Home feed. To find out how to block tags and include mature stories, read Adjusting your content preferences.

The homepage also features stories by Wattpad Creators and stories from our Paid Stories program. The Creators Program is designed to allow our most engaged writers to take advantage of perks, special opportunities, and hands-on support. Paid Stories are ad-free, original stories handpicked by Wattpad’s editorial experts. The Paid Stories program is a way for writers to earn money for their work and for readers to support writers for creating stories they love. All Paid Stories have free preview chapters so you can decide if you want to spend coins on it. Paid Stories also don’t count towards your offline library slots, so you can have as many of them offline as you like. Check out our Paid Stories FAQ for more information.

If you want to dig deeper into Wattpad’s huge collection of stories, all you need to do is head to the search bar. Here you can search for stories and writers you might have already heard of using titles and usernames, you can browse through topics, or you can focus your search using tags: Just place a '#' sign in front of the keywords and it will bring up a list of stories with that tag. You can search multiple tags in one search. You can even exclude tags to keep from seeing stories you aren’t interested in: to exclude a tag, add a minus symbol before the word (e.g. -fanfic, if you don't want a fanfic story).

If you’re having trouble finding a certain story, check out our article Searching for a story.

If you see a story you are interested in, we recommend adding it to your account, either to your library, archive, or a reading list. This ensures you can find it again. With almost one billion uploads to Wattpad, we don’t want you to lose track of a good story! Learn more about reading on Wattpad.

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