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Interacting with other Wattpadders

Wattpad is not just a collection of stories; it’s a community that thrives because of engaged readers and writers. If you’re looking for community, there are many ways to interact with other Wattpadders. But before you do, take some time to review our Code of Conduct. By following our Code of Conduct, you help Wattpad achieve its goal of creating a safe and comfortable space for everyone to discover and create. 

Finding community

There are many ways to find community on Wattpad. Many Wattpadders bond over stories, posting in comment sections until they find other readers and writers like them. You can read about all the ways to interact with other Wattpadders below. But if you are looking for a specific community, or you don't know where to start, our Ambassadors are here to help. The Ambassadors are a group of Wattpad users who volunteer with Wattpad to support the community. They help users, assist in organizing stories, run community initiatives, and all sorts of other things! On the Ambassador profile, you will find the story Community News & Updates, which includes links to many other Ambassador-run profiles. These include profiles for specific language groups or story genres. Check out these profiles to find the communities where you fit best. 


If you’d like to share your thoughts about a particular story part with the writer or other readers, you can leave a comment. Each comment can be a maximum of 2000 characters long and there are no limits to the number of comments you can leave. You can delete any comment you posted, or any comment posted on a story you wrote. Learn how to Post or delete a story comment. 

There are two types of comments. Regular comments are displayed at the end of a story part. Inline comments are posted in the text of the story–you’ll see them to the right of the story text. Before you can see and post inline comments, you need to turn on the inline comments feature for your account. Learn more in our article Viewing inline comments


Voting is a great way to show an author your support. You can vote on any story part you read, but you can only vote 100 times per day. Learn more about Voting on a story


Another way to engage with a story is by using reactions. Reactions function like inline comments: to share a reaction, select a part that stands out to you and select a sticker that reflects how you feel about that particular story section. Other readers will see the reactions as they are reading. Read more in our Reactions FAQ. 

Conversations board

Your conversation board is visible to anyone who visits your profile. It’s a place where you can share your thoughts or engage in public conversations. You can post messages on your own board, post on other Wattpadders’ boards, or reply to messages on boards. Just as with comments, messages are limited to 2000 characters

Your conversation board is also a great place to share news with your followers. When posting a message on your board, you will have the option to Announce this to my followers. If you check this box, every Wattpadders who follows you will get a notification about your new announcement. Please note that you can only post up to 3 announcements per day. Learn how to Make an Announcement


Following other Wattpadders is a great way to keep up to date with their activities on Wattpad. If you follow a Wattpadder, you will receive notifications when they post an announcement or publish a brand new story. You can follow up 1000 users and you can unfollow a user at any time.

Following also enables other Wattpadders to interact with you. 


Grab another Wattpadder's attention or draw them into a conversation by adding them to a comment or message, or by mentioning them in a story. To mention a user, type @ followed by their username (no space in between).

When a Wattpadder is mentioned in a comment or in a story part, their name will appear as a link, which leads to their Wattpad profile. They will receive a notification that you have mentioned them. They will also receive notifications for each reply to the comment they are mentioned in.

Mute & Block

We want to empower our Wattpadders to make decisions about how they interact on Wattpad. Wattpad has a mute button located on each user’s profile and can be used to disable two-way communication between you and that person. Muting a user who follows you will remove them from your followers list. Check out our Mute FAQ for more information. 
You may have been muted by someone if you are unable to view someone's profile, send them an inbox message, write on their profile’s message board, or leave any comments on their stories.

Wattpad also has a block button on each user’s profile. Blocking a user disables two-way communication between you and that user and prevents that user from reading any of your stories. Check out our Blocking a user for more information. You may have been blocked by someone if you are unable to view someone's profile, send them an inbox message, write on their profile’s message board, or read any of their stories. If you believe you have been muted or blocked by someone, we ask that you respect their decision. And remember: all Wattpadders are expected to follow our Code of Conduct

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