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Purchasing and reading Wattpad Originals

The Wattpad community has always supported writers by reading their work, sharing favourite stories, and cheering writers on through comments and votes. Readers can support writers’ careers by paying to read their work. This gives writers the opportunity to spend more time creating great stories. Wattpad Originals are currently available in English, Filipino, French, Spanish, German, and Indonesian.

All Wattpad Originals have free preview chapters so you can decide if you want to spend coins on them. Please note that all Wattpad Originals are different lengths and some will require more coins to fully unlock.  When you unlock stories with Coins you are directly supporting writers, so they can keep writing stories. You can learn more about it here.

There are a few ways to unlock Wattpad Originals:

Purchasing coins

To purchase coins you will need to select your wallet and open the coin shop. You can open your wallet by going to your profile and clicking on the Coin button In order to purchase coins, you will need to have an App Store or Google Play account. Coin pack purchases are not yet available on the Web version of Wattpad but once you have coins in your wallet, you will be able to unlock stories on the web. 

Learn more about purchasing coins here

Earning coins

You may be able to earn coins by watching video ads. This feature is only available in limited countries. See a full list of eligible countries and learn more about earning coins here


Premium+ includes a limited number of Wattpad Originals depending on the Premium+ subscription plan you select. Learn more about Premium+ and how to use the unlocks included in your subscription here.

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