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Community Standards

Wattpad is a space to find your community and stories that matter to you. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of content or community conduct violations. 


Wattpad’s decisions are final. We reserve the right to remove any content or accounts that violate Wattpad’s policies. We do not transfer or restore content/accounts that have been removed for violating Wattpad guidelines.



Wattpad is for your personal and non-commercial use only. Don’t sell access to the Site or Services in any way. Don’t use the Site or Services for the purpose of advertising any goods or services. 

This can also include, but not limited to, sending unwanted bulk messages/comments to other users. 


You may advertise the sale of your content in e-book or published book form on third-party platforms or bookstores on your profile, but if the entire story is not available on our Platform you must indicate that in the introduction or Story Description. 



Don’t make any use of the Site, content or Services that may have the effect of competing with or displacing the market for Wattpad, the Site, or the Services. Do not contact other users with the purpose of taking them off-platform. Do not solicit other users on behalf of another business/company. 


If you’ve been contacted by a third party company, please check out Wattpad’s Writers Portal for more information. If you do receive these messages, please report them to Wattpad here.



Wattpad is a space where you can be yourself, so please don't deceive others by pretending to be someone else. Do not pose as Wattpad, Wattpad Staff, Ambassadors, Stars, public figures, Brands or others. Note that Wattpad staff and Ambassadors have verified badges on their profile. For more information on badges, and what they mean, please see Badges and Profile symbols.  


Please note, we will never ask you for your password or banking information. You can find more information here.


You may not copy or adapt our logos without express written permission from Wattpad or as set out in this clause. You cannot use our logo or trademarks in any way, that includes uses that might suggest Wattpad endorses a particular product or service, or you have a business relationship with Wattpad.


Contest Prizes: 

Prizes and/or giveaways cannot be monetary or physical. Appropriate prizes can include Follow, Reads or Digital Gifts as contest rewards. For user organized contests, hosts must also state that Wattpad has no affiliation with said contest. 


Wattpad does not recommend sharing personal information with other users.


Please note that Wattpad does organize some contests, like The Wattys and other contests. For more information on these contests, please visit here 


Additionally, our Stars participate in contests and giveaways. Users are able to distinguish Stars by the following Badge on their Wattpad profile. 


Accepting Payment:

Users cannot demand or require payment for content or services. However, users may suggest (or link to third-party funding sites) where they accept payment or tips, provided it’s not mandatory.

Release of Personal Information: 

Behavior that puts a user at risk like revealing personal identifying information about someone else, sharing an image without consent, a full name along with address, email address, phone number or private Wattpad messages is not allowed. 


Similarly, we strongly advise users against sharing passwords, financial and/or banking details. You should never share your own information. If you choose to share your information, you do so at your own risk. 

For more information on sharing personal information, please see here

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