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Spotify Playlist FAQ

What are Spotify playlists on Wattpad stories?

We’re currently testing the addition of Spotify playlists to stories on Wattpad as a new way for writers to curate music, set the mood for their readers, and create an even more engaging reading experience. You’ll see a Spotify playlist link on a selection of stories that you can tap to listen along to as you read.

Please note that you will need to be on Android version 9.58 or higher and iOS version 9.57 or higher on the Wattpad app to see this option.

For Writers

How can I add a Spotify playlist to my story?

This feature is currently available for testing with a small group of writers so we can learn about more ways to create an even more engaging reading experience. We’ll notify all Wattpaders if and when Spotify playlists become a permanent feature.

For Readers

How can I listen to writer-curated Spotify playlists on Wattpad?

You can listen to writer-curated Spotify playlists on participating stories by clicking on a story and checking for the Spotify playlist tile (below story tags). You will be directed to Spotify on your phone, where you can press play, navigate back to the Wattpad app, and enjoy reading the story with a playlist especially curated by its writer.

You can also tap the Spotify icon on the bottom navigation bar to access the Spotify playlist while you are reading a story.

Can I listen to writer-curated Spotify playlists on both mobile apps and web?

Writer-curated Spotify playlists are currently only available through the Wattpad mobile apps on iOS and Android devices.

How can I share feedback with writers on their curated Spotify playlists?

You can express your appreciation and provide feedback to writers in the Comments section of their stories. Readers can also directly communicate with writers by leaving a note on their message board or in their Wattpad inbox.

When will this feature be available to all Wattpadders on all stories?

The Spotify playlists feature is currently in an early testing phase. We’ll notify all Wattpadders if and when this feature rolls out to all writers and stories.

Do I need a Spotify account to listen to playlists on stories?

Yes, a Spotify account is required. You can create a free Spotify account by downloading the Spotify app or visiting

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