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Story Branches

What are Story Branches?

Story Branches extend both yours and your favorite writer’s imagination by branching out of the most thrilling scenes in a story to answer that “what if…” question on your mind. Explore new sub-plots, side-character narratives and entirely alternate realities with this exciting new feature on Wattpad!


How can I unlock Story Branches?

You can unlock Story Branches using Wattpad Coins. Tap into a story and scroll down to view if Story Branches are available. You can then learn what the chapter is about, see a note from the writer, as well as the price in Coins.

Tap “Read it now” to unlock the chapter. If you don’t have enough Coins, you will be directed to the Coin shop to purchase a Coin pack of your choice, following which you can continue to unlock and read the chapter. 

Alternatively, top up your wallet by tapping the Coin balance on your Wattpad Profile to visit the Coin shop and purchase a Coin pack of your choice.

Can I unlock Story Branches with a Wattpad Premium+ subscription?

Story Branches are not part of the Paid Stories program, and therefore cannot be unlocked with a Wattpad Premium+ subscription. To browse Paid Stories that can be unlocked using Premium+, visit the @PaidStories profile on Wattpad.

Can I read Story Branches on my mobile device and web?

Story Branches can be read anywhere you use Wattpad, including the Wattpad app on your iOS or Android device and on 


Once I unlock Story Branches, can I re-read them whenever I want to?

Yes, once unlocked, you can read Story Branches whenever you want to. Add the stories with Story Branches to your Library to easily access them again and to get notified when new chapters are published. 


How do Story Branches support writers?

Story Branches are another way for writers to be rewarded for their talent and for growing meaningful fanbases for their stories. Every time you unlock a Story Branch, you are directly supporting your favorite writers and helping them build a career on Wattpad while doing what they love. 


What is the difference between a Story Branch and a Paid Story?

The Paid Stories program enables writers to be monetarily supported for their stories. Paid Stories include a limited number of free parts, and the remainder of the story can be unlocked to read via Wattpad Coins or a Wattpad Premium+ subscription. With Paid Stories, writers earn whether you choose to unlock a few parts or the full story. 

Story Branches give readers exciting new content to stay immersed in the worlds and characters of their favorite free stories. In other words, the core plot of the story can still be read for free, with paid parts (Story Branches) for fans who want to explore new sub-plots, side-character narratives, or entirely alternate realities. 


How do I know if a story has Story Branches available?

If writers you follow publish Story Branches, or stories in your Library are updated with Story Branches, you will receive a notification about the update. When you click into a story, you can view the Table of Contents to see if Story Branches are available.


How can I share feedback with writers about what I’d love to read in their next Story Branch?

You can express your appreciation and provide feedback for writers through Reaction stickers and comments. Readers can also directly communicate with writers by leaving a note on their message board or in their Wattpad inbox. 


How will I know what the Story Branches will be about? 

Writers will provide a short description to let you know what to expect from their Story Branches. Content can range from new sub-plots, side-character narratives, or entirely alternate realities.


What languages are Story Branches available in? 

Story Branches are currently only available on stories written in English. As we learn more about how readers interact with these chapters, we may look into expanding this feature to multiple languages.


How do I add Story Branches to my story?

As this is a new feature on Wattpad, we are rolling it out to a small group of writers and expanding to more over the next few months. Our hope is for readers to enjoy this new way to stay engaged with their favorite stories and for writers to have new ways to build their career on Wattpad. To stay updated with new opportunities for you and your stories, sign up to the Creators newsletter here.


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