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HYBE_STORIES - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Wattpad releasing HYBE_STORIES?

Wattpad has taken on a unique opportunity to collaborate with HYBE Original Stories (with participation from HYBE artists, including BTS, ENHYPEN and TOMORROW X TOGETHER). We are excited to launch these new web novels knowing that these artists have a large community of fans on Wattpad. Follow @HYBE_STORIES on Wattpad to learn more about these stories.

How can I unlock the HYBE_STORIES with Wattpad Premium+?

You can subscribe to Premium+ by visiting the story you wish to unlock and tapping the “Unlock with Premium+” button. You will be prompted to start your subscription via the App Store or Google Play. Once subscribed, you can unlock up to 24 Wattpad Originals per year, including HYBE_STORIES. The best part is that you only need one unlock to access the full story. While subscribed, new paid parts added in the future will automatically be available for you to read. Learn more about Premium+.

Can I unlock the HYBE_STORIES during a free trial of Wattpad Premium+?

HYBE_STORIES cannot be unlocked while you are on a free trial of Premium+. You can access these stories with your Premium+ unlocks once your free trial is over and you become a paying subscriber. All other Wattpad Originals can be unlocked during your free trial.

What if I cancel my Premium+ subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the HYBE_STORIES you had unlocked with Premium+. You can continue unlocking new parts with Coins or tap the “Try Premium” button on the Home screen of the Wattpad app to resubscribe to Premium+.

How can I unlock the HYBE_STORIES with Wattpad Coins?

You can unlock the story part by part using Coins. Visit the Wattpad Original part you wish to unlock and tap “Unlock with Coins”. If you don’t have enough Coins, you will be directed to the Coin shop to purchase a Coin pack to continue reading the next part. The full story can be unlocked with Coins once all parts have been released. Learn more about Coins.

When will new parts become available?

New parts will be added as follows:

<7FATES: CHAKHO>: Fridays at 9 PM ET / 8 PM CST


<THE STAR SEEKERS>: Wednesdays at 3 PM ET / 2 PM CST

We recommend following @HYBE_STORIES on Wattpad and adding all the HYBE_STORIES to your Library so you can be notified on your device as soon as a new part is published.

Can I unlock the full story with Coins?

You can unlock the full story with Coins once all parts have been published and the story is marked complete. Until then, you can unlock the story on a part-by-part basis.

How can I make sure I’m notified when a new part is available?

To get notified when a new story part is released, add the HYBE_STORIES to your Library. To do so, tap on a story cover, press the “+” icon beside the “Start Reading” button and select “Library (Private)”. Learn more here.

Will these stories be available in my local language?

The HYBE_STORIES on Wattpad are available in both English and Spanish. There are currently no plans to expand availability to other languages.

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