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Recommendations and favorite genres

When you first sign up for Wattpad, you choose a few genres you are interested in reading. This is designed to customize your homepage at the beginning of your Wattpad journey. You will see story recommendations based on the genres you chose when you signed up, but over time, your recommendations will change based on your reading habits.

Since your story recommendations are based on your reading habits, the more you read a particular genre or tag, the more you will see similar stories appear on your home page. The genre selection cannot be changed after your initial selection, but since the home page uses an algorithm based on your reading habits, it will adjust over time. Don’t worry if you picked the wrong genre types.


Wattpad wants to show Wattpadders stories they will love and that are relevant to them as their preferences change. Check out our article Adjusting your Content Preferences to learn how you can control what you see on your home page. 


You can also learn how to use search and filters to easily find the stories you’re looking for in this Support article: Searching for stories.

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