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What is YONDER?

YONDER is a new app by the creators of Wattpad and WEBTOON—for the reading you love, with bite-sized stories reimagined for every appetite. Get access to fresh, handpicked stories daily, for those who want curated, quality reading to suit their busy lifestyle.


How can I download YONDER?

You can download YONDER by clicking here. Alternatively, you can visit Google Play on your Android device or the App Store on your iOS device and type Yonder in the Search bar.


Is YONDER created by Wattpad?

YONDER is part of the WEBTOON family of apps, which also includes Wattpad. Wattpad and WEBTOON have partnered closely with YONDER to bring to life an exciting new way to read serialized fiction for readers who want to spend more time binging on quality, curated content without any distractions.


How is YONDER different from Wattpad?

Wattpad is for readers and writers who love a social storytelling experience with a global community of millions of fans. It's where anyone can start their writing hobby or career, get instant feedback from readers, indulge in an expansive catalog of stories, and more.

YONDER is a new app for the reading you love, with serialized stories reimagined for every appetite. You can enjoy access to fresh, handpicked stories daily, for those who want curated, quality reading and less distraction.


Why are some Wattpad stories being published on YONDER?

Wattpad is giving a small group of writers the opportunity to showcase their stories and grow their earnings on YONDER. You may see some of Wattpad's bestsellers on YONDER, but they will continue to be available on Wattpad for those who prefer a more social reading experience.


Will my story be removed from Wattpad and published on YONDER?

Wattpad stories are only published on YONDER if this is agreed upon with the writer of the story. Your story will not be published on YONDER in the absence of an agreement signed by you.


Is YONDER replacing Wattpad?

Wattpad isn't going anywhere! A small selection of stories originally written on Wattpad will also become available to read on YONDER with the consent of their writers.


Can I link my Wattpad account and YONDER account or can I log in to YONDER with my Wattpad account?

It is currently not possible to link your account between the two apps.


How can I submit my story to be considered for YONDER?

At present, we are selecting stories on an invite-only basis. As we navigate this new platform and learn about the types of opportunities that exist for specific types of stories, there will be more direction on how to surface your story to us and what we're looking for. Please stay tuned!


I've unlocked a Paid Story on Wattpad but I want to read it on YONDER — will I need to buy coins to unlock it on Yonder?

Once you've unlocked a Paid Story on Wattpad, you retain access to the unlocked paid parts to read again if you wish to, on Wattpad. This access does not transfer to YONDER. You will need to buy YONDER's coins to unlock the same story on YONDER.


Does my Premium/Premium+ subscription transfer to YONDER in any way?

Subscriptions on Wattpad only apply to the Wattpad experience. There is currently no subscription option on YONDER.


Where can I get help and support for YONDER?

Please reach out to the YONDER Help Centre inside the app.


Can I transfer coins/earned coins from Wattpad to YONDER?

Wattpad and YONDER have their own unique coin packs that can only be used on each app itself. Transferring coins between apps is not possible.


Which languages is YONDER available in?

Stories on YONDER are currently only available to read in English.


Will there be a desktop version of YONDER?

YONDER is available via Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS). There are currently no plans for a desktop version of YONDER. We'll notify you once this is available.

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