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Account issues refer to changing your password, verifying your account, and managing your account settings such as your username.

Writing & My Stories issues refer to creating, writing, editing, and publishing your stories on Wattpad.

Reading issues refer to reading stories on Wattpad, such as changing your reading settings and your reading position.

Profile issues refer to how your profile appears on Wattpad, including your profile and background images, followers, profile description, and display name.

Library issues refer to your Reading Lists, Archive, and accessing stories in your current reads, including reading offline.

Search & Home issues refer to recommendations, search results, and story rankings.

Commenting, Voting, & Reacting issues refer to reading or writing comments, voting, and using Reactions.

Inbox & Messaging issues refer to sending, receiving, or reading private messages.

Notification issues refer to push notifications (alerts outside the app), email notifications, or your notifications feed.

Ads issues refer to any issues that come from the ads you see between chapters, in a story, or anywhere else on Wattpad.

Premium issues refer to our subscription-based service.

Paid Features refers to issues with Paid content, including Wattpad Originals & Coins

Currently, we only respond in English, Spanish, and Portuguese however we will answer tickets regardless of language, and respond in English.

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