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Technical Issue Form

This form is best used when you are experiencing a bug on Wattpad. Ex. The reading screen is blank, you can't send messages.

Before sending a request please be sure to check the "Problems we're fixing"

page to see if we already know about it.

Account Access Form

This form is for when you are having trouble accessing your account on Wattpad.

Requesting for a story to be featured.

This form is only for requests to be added to Wattpad's Featured List. All other requests made here will be politely ignored.

Please do not send us multiple requests (which we we will politely ignore). It could take several weeks or months to hear back. We are often on the lookout for specific content when Featuring, so no response might just mean we do not need that type of content at the moment.

Other commons reasons for not featuring a story could be one, or a combination of the following:

  • Incomplete story
  • Poor storyline, characters, or dialogue
  • basic errors in grammar and/or spelling

Unfortunately we cannot give direct feedback on all rejections. Instead we urge you to make sure your story is in tip top shape before submitting it to us. To learn more about the featured list and its requirements, click here.

Thanks and happy writing!

The Wattpad Team

Reporting Video Ads

Please use this form to report inappropriate ads. All other requests will be politely ignored.

Contacting Support

Please describe your issue in the form before. While we appreciate your feedback, due to volume we may not be able to respond to everyone.

If you are trying to report content or another user, please click on one of the links above for information on how to submit a report.

Please write a quick description of your request.

Please include a detailed description of the issue or question. If you're reporting that something isn't working please describe what you were trying to do and what actually happened. If your issue is related to a specific story or account then please include links to them.

If you do not have a Wattpad username please just write your first name.

If you are experiencing a problem please pick the device that you were using when it happened.

I.E iphone, ipad, Galaxy Nexus

What is the version of the software on your device? (iOS 8, Android 4.4, etc)

Please provide a link to the story in question (if applicable). Otherwise just write n/a.

The languages listed above are the ones that we can at the very least partially support. Please let us know what language you speak so that we can have the right person on our end read your issue. We do apologize if we are unable to support your language.

If you're language is not available above.

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