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Unable to access Wattpad (server errors) or receiving a 403 error

The safety of our Wattpad community is always a top priority for us, and so we have multiple measures put in place to protect Wattpadders from spam and bad actors. When identifying threats and blocking them, genuine users may be affected. In this case, if you are unable to access Wattpad or are receiving error messages site-wide (and our Status Page determines there’s no outage) please follow these steps so that we can continue to tune and improve our safety capabilities

  1. Try accessing Wattpad using cellular data or a different wi-fi network.
  2. Reach out to your ISP and ask that they help in improving the reputation of your IP address by searching for it in any block lists or known malicious IP lists.
  3. Try using a VPN.

We’re always trying to improve the Wattpad experience, and thank you for helping us do this.

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